Saturday, August 15, 2009

Practice! Practice! Practice!

I had a great time this afternoon with my son Jaren. He has twice failed the driving portion of driver's license exam. I rode with him over to Greeley and spent nearly an hour driving around this afternoon. He is a great driver but there are some difficult situations to navigate in downtown Greeley. It's pretty easy to turn into the wrong lane. He made a few mistakes but before long he was driving flawlessly. I think that he is now ready to go try the exam one more time. I'm not sure when that will be. He will have to call and get on the list. It could be next week or the week after. We had fun talking about all of the great things that he could do and experience once he has his license. I'm proud of him. He is a great young man!

Of course, his driving record is a great metaphor for life. It often takes us a while to learn how to navigate around the tricky portions of road that we travel. Like driving, practice makes perfect!

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