Thursday, July 09, 2015

Liar! Liar!

"Lord, you are searching for honesty" (Jeremiah 5:3a)

Why do we have so much trouble telling the truth?  People lie all the time. People lie to get out of trouble. People lie to make themselves look better. Sometimes people lie to avoid conflict.  Other times people lie to incite conflict.  Human beings lie a lot.  An exaggeration is a lie just like minimizing is a lie.  A little white lie is still a lie.  We even lie to ourselves.

God, however, is truth, and He is searching for truthful people.  Today, let's focus on telling the truth, being the truth, and living the truth.

"Father in Heaven, give us truthful hearts and truthful lips. May the Holy Spirit guide us and convict us that we might live today as the honest ones your are seeking. Through Jesus, Amen!"

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