Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Experiencing God

"Try to find out what is pleasing to the Lord." (Ephesians 5:10); "Don't act thoughtlessly, but try to understand what the Lord wants you to do." (Ephesians 5:17)

There are about sixty of us at TBC that are working through Henry Blackaby's workbook, Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God.  The thing I like most about this resource is that it insists that we learn how to hear from God.  It's a primer on how to move away from a self-centered life (i.e. what I think is best) into a God-centered life.  I really do want to find out, "what is pleasing to the Lord".  I want to know, "what the Lord wants"

For those in the Tolar area, we will be meeting tonight at 7:00 to discuss what we're learning in Experiencing God.  It's not too late to get started. We would love to have you join us tonight.  For those outside the area, you can order a copy of the workbook on Amazon or some other online retailer.  It's a must read for anyone who wants to go deeper in their walk with Jesus.  It's in my list of essential books for every Christian to read.

"God did not create you for time; He created you for eternity." --Henry Blackaby

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