Tuesday, June 30, 2015


"In everything you do, stay away from complaining and arguing, so that no one can speak a word of blame against you." (Philippians 2:14)
What would it look like if we actually went an entire day without complaining?  As I think about it, complaints usually come out of my mouth because someone or something doesn't live up to my expectation.  It's pretty arrogant of me to expect that the world is supposed to revolve around me and my wants and desires.  Only God gets to have that expectation.  Today, may we all move from a self-centered focus to a God-centered focus.

“True strength does not come out of bravado. Until we are broken, our life will be self-centered, self-reliant; our strength will be our own. So long as you think you are really something in and of yourself, what will you need God for? I don’t trust a man who hasn’t suffered; I don’t let a man get close to me who hasn’t faced his wound. Think of the posers you know—are they the kind of man you would call at 2:00 A.M., when life is collapsing around you? Not me. I don’t want clich├ęs; I want deep, soulful truth, and that only comes when a man has walked the road I’ve been talking about.”  --John Eldredge

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