Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooking Spaghetti...

Jaren passed his driving test today (finally). It took him several attempts. He is a very good driver but I think that he gets really nervous when he takes the test and makes silly mistakes. Well, today he pulled it all together and passed and is now the proud holder of a Colorado Driver's License. Our progression of events now leads us to job hunting in an attempt to earn enough money to actually purchase something with four wheels that runs. Just one step at a time...

Tina saw a movie today ("Love Happens") that she says is essential for me to see. I accomplished task #2 on "The List" today: "Clean cobwebs on front entryway". Today included three hours of coffee with one of my very good friends. I continue to learn new things each day as God continues to speak through His word and through His servants that happen to pass through my space.

There was not much to report from my quiet time today--sometimes it's just quiet.

Tonight....I cook spaghetti!

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