Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hiking, Sailing, and Chess...

The boys and I hiked the North Fork of the Big Thompson yesterday morning. The total hike was almost nine miles. I intended for us to only do about half of that. There is an old abandoned cabin in a meadow near the river which was our primary destination. The trail continues from there up to the Rocky Mountain National Park. I hate to leave a trail unexplored and so we ventured all the way up to the park and back. We were tired when we finally got back home. Zach headed off immediately to a friend's house for an overnight birthday party. Jaren and I took a nap.

Later in the day an older gentlemen arrived at our home to deliver a trundle bed that Tina had purchased at a garage sale. Tina's sister is coming to see us next month and we need another bed for the guest bedroom. We had one in there but it got moved to Zach's room when he grew out of the bunkbed. a Big part of my learning to "follow Jesus" and to NOT be in control is learning to recognize when God is up to something. This gentlemen who lost his wife about a year ago was able to speak into my life loud and clear with the voice of Jesus. He shared some sailing insights with me that happen to coincide with some similar thoughts that I heard back when we were on Anna Maria Island a little over a month ago. He reminded me that the point of sailing is not to get from point A to point B but rather to sail. "Don't miss journey", he said. He further said that it almost always requires two people to sail and that those two people must be communicating. Finally, he said that the quickest way to get between two points when your sailing is to zig-zag. Course adjustments are constantly required to make the best use of the wind. He used the word "journey" several times which if you know Tina and I well, then you know that "journey" is a code-word for hearing the voice of God in the details of life.

A third important aspect of my day yesterday was getting to spend some time with one of my very good friends. We played chess which is our excuse for getting together at the coffee shop to talk. God allowed me to win 3 out of 4 games and so I am considering the event a success. My friend was also able to speak into my life as I shared with him some of the things that I have been learning over the past several weeks.

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