Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twin Sisters...

The beauty of a Sabbatical that requires me NOT to use my church office effectively allows me to declare any space my office. Yesterday, my office was the 3.6 mile trail up Twin Sisters in Estes Park. It's 3.6 miles up and 3.6 miles back down. In total, I spent about five hours on the trail (excuse me...in my office) reading Scripture, meditating on the things that God has been doing, and basically trying to learn how to follow Jesus without needing to be in charge. I came down the mountain having heard one thing loud and clear from the Father: He wants me to learn how to be thankful for the abuses that I have received in my life. It's funny because as soon as I had the thought, I was able to say the words, "I'm thankful for the abuse". Words, however, are not at all what God is looking for. He is wanting me to go much farther. My trip last week to Kimball was a beginning in terms of coming to grips with the very real impact that my abuses have had upon my life. I'm not sure what the path wil look like to learn to be thankful but I am pretty sure that it is going to take more than just one hike.

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